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An important goal of our hospice is to provide support for patients and families toward a peaceful life closure. As we know, there are tasks of living and everyday life, but there are also tasks of dying.


Tasks of living and dying include the following:

§          Understanding

§          Healing Relationships

§          Preparing Spiritually

§          Finding Meaning in Life


End of life work includes some important goals:

§          To Forgive - “I forgive you”

§          To be forgiven - “Please forgive me”

§          Express gratitude - “Thank you”

§          To express love - “I love you”

§          Leave taking - “Good bye”


The Spiritual Counselor at Hospice is available for visits and to provide help and support with your spiritual needs.  During the period of the patient’s illness, you may want to talk about faith concerns or spiritual issues.


Hospice has a Pastoral relationship with the Faith Community that includes spiritual members from many denominations, backgrounds and traditions.  There is always someone to care for you on a spiritual level.  If you are already getting care from your own church, mosque or synagogue, the Hospice Spiritual Counselor will not interfere. If your spiritual leader is not aware of your family situation, our Spiritual Counselor will let them know about it.  We will always consult with you first. If you do not belong to any faith based organization, our Spiritual Counselor will be happy to minister to you.


We understand that this is a time of questioning life and intense feelings. The Hospice Spiritual Counselor is available to offer support and respect your religious and/or faith affiliation.


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